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Bheemgoda Tank Haridwar

Proper Name: Bhimgoda Tank
Location: Very short distance of 500 m from Har ki Pauri.
How To Reach: Bhimgoda Tank 3.5kms for Bus stand or Railway station.
Walking distance for road

Travellers need to plan their holidays in Haridwar really well. There are so many mythological sites to see in this time that you can easily miss many. While visiting Haridwar, don't miss the Bhimgoda Tank. The sacred tank is named after Bhima, the second of the five Pandavas in the Hindu epic Mahabharata. From Har ki Pauri, the Bhimgoda Tanks is located at a few minute's walking distance. Lying close to the tank is also a dam which is worth seeing.

The legend attached to this tank quickly catches everyone's interest. According to the Hindu mythology, the Bhimgoda tank came to exist when Bhima (the second of the Pandava brothers) thrust his knee against the ground. Bhimgoda is, therefore, a combination of the words Bhim (the legendary hero in Mahabharata) and goda (a Hindi word for knee).

The Bhimgoda tank has the water of the Ganges flowing into it. As mentioned above, a dam located close to the tank is also worth watching. The construction of the dam is a wonderful example of the modern-day architecture.

The tank also remains skirted with wonderfully laid-out gardens. The surroundings of the tank are fragrant with the flowers. In addition, there are fountains adding a lot of beauty to the entire area. Whether you are a pilgrim or a backpacker, you can spend some of the most wonderful moments of your life at the Bhimgoda Tank.

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